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Custom Mónaco Vertical Curtain

Opac Vertical Curtain

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Custom opac Vertical Curtain

Color Opaque Fabric:
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    White 01
  • /img/co/110.jpg
    Lino 03
  • /img/co/111.jpg
    Beige 05
  • /img/co/112.jpg
    Light gray 12
  • /img/co/113.jpg
    Gray 22
  • /img/co/114.jpg
    Black 42
  • /img/co/115.jpg
    Purple 29
  • /img/co/116.jpg
    Green 46
  • /img/co/117.jpg
    Blue 38
Type of collection:
Mechanism position:
Rail Color:

Vertical curtain with mechanism included.

Available in two measures of slat width 89 mm. or 127 mm.

The slats are sent with the counterweights and the spacer chain, mounted, so that the customer upon receiving it only has to hang the slats of the rail.

The height measurement entered should be the measurement from the installation point to where the plank ends. The ideal is to discount 1.5 cms. from the measurement from the installation point to the floor, with that we get the margin so that the slats do not touch the floor.

For example, if the installation is going to be done on the roof and from the roof to the floor we have 230 cm. the measure that we will ask for for our vertical curtain would be 228.5 

Monaco fabrics are a opac fabric very easy to clean and with a wide range of colors

Fabric Composition
100% Polyester
1/100: 0,40 mm.
190 gr / square meter
Opening factor
Fire resistance
Wet cloth
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