Some ideas of blinds

Choosing the best option to dress our windows, will depend on the function and aesthetics we need. The first choice we must make, will be to choose the type of transparency we need for the fabric. We must choose between translucent, a percentage of transparency, which will depend on the type of fabric and a completely opaque fabric.

The opaque fabric will be the one with the greatest thermal and light protection of all the fabrics and will be ideal to offer maximum privacy and above all we will use it in rooms where the sun directly affects or in those rooms where we want maximum insulation.

There are various textures of opaque fabrics, some with a more sliding touch, others with a more decorative face simulating a fabric. The choice will depend on the objective that we intend in our decoration, if we want a better cleaning we will choose the options with sliding fabric, these surfaces have a plastic touch and therefore the powder adheres less, but they have a different decorative value to the textile surfaces.

Textile surfaces in opaque fabrics are usually presented on the decorative side or seen with a more plastic appearance on the back, this surface is what gives us opacity and insulation.

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