Taking steps to order our curtains will be very easy if we follow some basic measurement tips.

For the measurement of our roller blinds, we will only need a tape measure. For the width measurement the normal thing would be to add between 10/15 cms. On the other hand, more to the extent that we have in our window, in this measure we will have the precaution of including the frames or profiles.

For the height measurement we will measure from where we are going to install our blind to the maximum where we want it to go down. The normal thing would be to install it 10 cms. above the window or on the ceiling, according to arrangement. Yes we have obstacles that protrude a lot from the wall, cranks, radiators, roller shutter drawers, a good option is ceiling installation.

Taking measurements for a centered window with space on both sides would be the ideal situation, but sometimes we find ourselves with little space on one side or on both sides.

Here we can see several examples of taking measurements in windows according to your disposition.

Example with enough space on the sides, we will add to the size of the window with frame, 10 cm. per side, that is to say 20 cms. total.

Example without space on one side, we will add 10 cms. custom-made window including frame

Example without any space on both sides, between walls or the like, we will discount 0.5 cm. per side, that is to say from the wall-to-wall measurement we will discount 1 cm.

Another factor to take into account is if we have radiators or window handles that we need to save or any other obstacle, blind drawer, etc. That is why our recommendation is that if you have any doubts, contact us, you can send us a photo of the space you want to decorate and we can advise you very easily.

We will always take into account that the blind measurement that we indicate in the width will be the width measurement of the total with mechanism, the fabric will always have 3.5 cm. less.

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