The curtain rail is a system with multiple advantages over other systems and has been in widespread use for many years. Among the main advantages of curtain rails in general, we can highlight:

Ease of use and installation.

Variety of models, finishes and finishes.

All kinds of collections, openings and solutions.

Economical, comparing it with other options.

Once decided that our best option is the placement of a rail, we will have to decide, as we want to activate it once installed, the manual option, offers us the advantage of being cheaper than the other options and in manual system we will move the falls of fabric, pulling them by hand or using a handle.

This option is one of the most used for its smoothness in the movement of fabric drops and for its versatility and easy maintenance. It is widely used in hotels.

Some options of manual curtain rails are:

Manual double rail

The double rail is one of the most used manual rails, it allows us to hang curtain on the inside and a blackout curtain on the outside, ease of installation and smooth operation.

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Manual curtain rail 3000

A simple, manual curtain rail, easy to install and very smooth running, one of the most commonly used simple rails for its low price, made of aluminum. Possibility of ceiling and front installation.

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Flexible Rail

The flexible rail is a bestselling rail for its versatility and ease of use and installation.

It allows to bend it by hand horizontally, we can use it in L-shaped windows, viewpoints, etc.

See Flexible Rail

Decorative rails

Decorative rails are the most decorative choice, widely used in both manual and cord versions.

They have the option of being used with the perfect wave curtain, the latest trend in rails.

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Another possibility of actuation would be with a cord, this is a very widespread option and known to the consumer, because the white extendable rail was a rail widely used in the 80s and 90s.

This type of rails allows us to actuate the fabric falls through a cord with a counterweight, which allows the curtains to be opened and closed easily. It allows us to place the drive cord on the left or on the right or on both sides.

In very heavy curtains it would be indicated to use a rail specially designed to drag weight.

Some options of drawstring curtain rails are:

9000 Rail

One of the best selling and cheapest rails with cord drive.

For its wide range of accessories to carry out any type of installation.

See 9000 rail

7200 Rail

The 7200 curtain rail is a rail made of reinforced aluminum, with smooth manual and cord operation.

Widely used for heavy curtains and where a quality plus is required.

See 7200 Rail

Decorative rail

Decorative rails are ideal for achieving a quality feel without losing the ease of use of drawstring rails.

Widely used with perfect wave curtain, the latest trend in rails.

See rail decorative Lisboa

Extendable rail

The extendable rail is a classic of curtain rails. It allows us to adapt the measurement of the rail extending it to the necessary measurement. Allows ceiling and front installation.

Indicated for light curtains.

See Extendable Rail

Finally we have the option of the motorized rail, either by remote control or by push button.

This system is being widely used in recent years with the introduction of home automation in homes, businesses and communities.

It allows us to make very long rails, thanks to being able to join profiles without affecting their operation, thanks to its versatility and ease of use, as well as its assembly and disassembly, it is widely used in small theaters, schools, etc.

With its reinforced slides, it allows the use of heavy and light curtains, offering fully automated operation, although it also allows manual operation if necessary. And like all our rails, it is manufactured to the measure requested by the client.

See Motorized rail

Ideal for heavy curtains
Option remote control or push button
Up to 12 meters long

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